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Warner's Rhubarb Gin (70cl) NV


The craft distilling movement has gained huge momentum over the last decade and Warner's is one of the best. Tom Warner crafts his award winning gins in a 200 year old converted barn, adding prized rhubarb juice to give it a peppery, fruity kick.

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Tasting notes

Juicy rhubarb, with cardamom and orange, with a cinnamon finish


Tangy rhubarb, black pepper, elderflower, cardomom, coriander

Warner's  Rhubarb Gin (70cl) NV

More information

  • 40.0% ABV
  • 28.0 Units
  • 700.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2025

This is a spicy English gin with a robust rhubarb taste. It is made by ‘Curiosity’, an Arnold Holstein still that forms the beating heart of the operation (it’s a tradition of artisan craftsmen in the business to give their still a name). Inspired by a crop of rhubarb originally grown in Queen Victoria’s own kitchen garden, it is now made from more locally sourced stalks, some of it from the farm itself. These are squeezed through a cider press to extract the juice, sugar is added and it is blended, one third/ two thirds, with 89% ABV Harrington Dry Gin to bring it to 40%. With additions of juniper, coriander seed, elderflower, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, angelica root, orange and lemon peel, this is a wonderfully distinctive gin.

"Amazing. The real deal, not a liqueur, pure rhubarb gin, lovely neat with plenty of ice" Online Review
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