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The Comeback King Merlot 2018

Robertson WO

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  • Gold, Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition, 2019

After the success of its first vintage in 2014, this velvety Merlot has blossomed. Dense yet fruity with deep plum and cherry notes with a warm wrap of spice from oak. A Gold medal winner, it's made by the talented team at the de Wet family estate.

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Tasting notes

Velvety, ripe black fruit with a good helping of warm spice


Warm, ripe, black plum, damson and spice

The Comeback King Merlot 2018

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  • 14.5% ABV
  • 10.88 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2021

This big, all-spice, velvety Merlot is from an estate in Robertson in South Africa’s Western Cape. It's named after Jacobus de Wet, son of the founder of the property (in 1859) and great grandfather of its current owner, Peter de Wet. Jacobus always had a very positive attitude – whenever he encountered a setback he just picked himself up and started again. His biggest financial hiccup was ostrich feathers – his thriving business, supplying plumage to milliners, collapsed due to the advent of cars and streamlined hats. Luckily he'd kept up the estate’s prime vineyards, so niftily turned his focus to winemaking instead. Nowadays, not only do the de Wets make great wine, but they also support many community projects. A top choice with lamb.

"Lovely smooth wine. Excellent, we enjoyed this wine, would buy again" Online Review
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