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"Icelandic vodka may seem a novelty but Reyka is extremely good and very pure. A favourite" Jehan Sacaze
Buyer of Spirits
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Vodka has become one of the more fashionable eaux de vie in recent years. The best known are Russian and Eastern European, but Reyka is made at Iceland’s only distillery, located in Borgarnes, a small town on the island’s west coast. The vodka’s purity is achieved with pristine Arctic water from the Grabök spring and by filtering the spirit through ancient volcanic lava rocks. The taste is so exceptional that the judges at London’s International Wine & Spirit Competition awarded it the Vodka Trophy 2011. Their tasting note sums up its appeal: “Beautifully textured and perfectly balanced. Long finish with cleanest of clean farewells.” Keep a bottle in the freezer and enjoy neat when the fancy takes you or when mixing your next Bloody Mary.
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