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Farinelli Bianco NV

Vino Bianco

This crisp, racy white is from Italy's Abruzzo region, on the Adriatic coast. There, plentiful sunshine and sea breezes ripen grapes to perfection and produce great value wines. Trebbiano based Farinelli is a refreshing, bright and citrusy.

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Tasting notes

Bright, citrusy, ripe orchard fruits. Lively and easy going


Lemon, wet stone, delicate pear and apple hints

Farinelli Bianco NV

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  • 12.0% ABV
  • 9.0 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 March, 2023

Stretching along Italy’s Adriatic coast, the Abruzzo boasts pretty coastal coves and dramatic landscapes of soaring mountain peaks, deep valleys and ancient castles. The region is home to deliciously approachable, great value wines – the plump, creamy, plum filled Montepulciano based reds and crisp, citrusy Trebbiano whites. This wine is made by Davide Dias, who learnt from the great master Ricardo Cotarella. Farinelli uses  grapes grown the traditional way – on the trellising system, ‘pergola abruzzese’. This ensures the grapes receive plenty of bright sunshine and ripen well. Taste for yourself with this lively white – brisk, lemony, with ripe apple and pear fruit. It makes a fine aperitif or enjoy with fish, chicken or creamy pasta.

"I loved this wine. Very crisp, clean wine - lovely summer drink" Online Review
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