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The Prestige Apasamiento 2018


Gorgeous, rich, black velvet Malbec Shiraz. It’s an exciting new release, made by Opi’s apprentice winemakers, who went all out to impress their master. And you! Dense and powerful thanks to Amarone style air-dried grapes and long ageing in barrel.

Beyond the Label

Tasting notes

Full bodied, velvety, blackcurrant, cherries, plums and vanilla spice


Ripe cassis, cherry, blackberry and toasty spice

The Prestige Apasamiento 2018

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  • 14.0% ABV
  • 10.5 Units
  • 750.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2022

Opi Sadler is the Trophy winning winemaker behind top sellers Waxed Bat and Opi Malbec. He set his three apprentice winemakers a challenge – to make the ultimate Black Red. No easy feat when you have Opi ‘the magician’ as your mentor. So they adopted the methods from Italy’s luxurious Amarone red. Cherry picking top quality parcels of Malbec and Shiraz, they air dried the grapes on straw mats for a few weeks after harvest, just like they do in Italy. Moisture slowly evaporates, leaving flavour even more concentrated. Luscious Malbec and premium spicy Shiraz, all cask aged for a few months, this is a whopping, rich red. It impressed the master magician and it’ll impress you too. Deep, dark and velvet smooth, it’s great with hearty stews.

"Smooth and full bodied, booming with ripe purple fruit; blackcurrants, dark cherries and plums" Nick Taylor
Wine Director
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