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Dodd’s Gin (50cl) NV


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  • Silver, International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2018

An award-winning gin from the London Distillery. With notes of lime, subtle sweetness from local honey, along with herbal additions of bay, angelica and cardamom, it is both refreshing and satisfying. Top with your best tonic and ice.

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Tasting notes

Rounded mouthfeel, creaminess with bright lime and herbs


A lime lift, spicy herbal notes, creamy hints

Dodd’s Gin (50cl) NV

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  • 49.9% ABV
  • 24.95 Units
  • 500.00 ml
  • 31 December, 2025

Inspired by and named after the engineer Ralph Dodd of the early 1800s (distiller and builder of bridges), the London Distillery was the first to make a whisky in the capital for over a century. They then turned their hands to gin. This is their adventurous take on a classic - a juniper led gin, lifted by fresh lime peel with a subtle sweetness coming from London honey. The work of the bees brings with it notes of lime blossom, jasmine and a creaminess that lends body, while bay, angelica and cardamom, both black and green, bring earthy herbal notes, with spice from raspberry leaf. A right royal gin to sniff, ideal as a gin and tonic and one that won't go amiss in a Trailblazer – that is gin, triple sec, lime juice with a touch of honey.

"Reviving a distillery founded in 1807, Marzio di Rocca has made a lovely lime-fresh, herbal gin" Jehan Sacaze
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