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Three cheers to The Sun King!

Here’s how a French royal, an eager Englishman, and a near-forgotten grape came together to bring you what we’re hailing as our white wine discovery of the summer

The wine not to miss this month is Le Roi Soleil Clairette du Languedoc. It’s a brand new find from the historic region of Cabrières, nestled within the hills of the Languedoc-Roussillon (AKA ‘the Midi’). Our buyer Mark Hoddy had lived 20 minutes from Cabrières for years, but had never found the time to visit. That is, until his favourite local bar suggested he try a glass of the speciality white made in the village just down the road.

It was a pure, lip-smacking Clairette – the prized white grape normally blended into expensive Châteauneuf-du-Pape reds, and very rare to find bottled solo. He’d only ever tasted it on its own while in Châteauneuf, and absolutely loved it. But this was something much more special. A local legend. The very next day he was at the village’s only co-op winery, Caves de L’Estabel, asking for as much as they could spare.

The name is a homage to Louis XIV, also known as Le Roi Soleil – ‘The Sun King’ – who’s said to have had a particular fondness for the wines of this forgotten region. True or not, it’s simply perfect for sipping while bathed in sunshine in the garden.

At just £14.99 £8.99 a bottle for a case of 12 – that’s 40% OFF – the value is superb too. Pour a glass on a warm, bright day and let those gorgeously fresh flavours wash over you. Peach, pear, nectarines, with a zing of citrus and delicate jasmine-like aromas. Be quick, it’ll sell out!

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