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Mission Albarino

Made with ‘showbiz’ grapes

It’s not often I get so excited about luxury rosè ... but this is a showstopper.

Mission Albarino

The grapes used to make Sèraphin really are some of the finest in Provence. It’s why, usually, they’re snapped up by the ultra-high-end, world-famous, showbiz-type rosè brands.

Not this time though. We managed to secure them for our customers before the bods in their Italian suits came calling.

And because we don’t go in for all that glitterati pomp (never have done, never will), we worked with the producer to create this nigh on heavenly wine ... a Gold-medal winner no less ... at a down to earth price.

The quality is exceptional. Every lingering sip is divine.

It’s head and shoulders above any Provence rosè I’ve tasted in my 50 years in the wine trade. I’ve even tried it side by side with one of the biggest rosè names out there – Sèraphin easily came out on top.

Put simply, this is the bottle I’ll be pouring to impress my guests all summer. You’ll love it, too. I bet my reputation on it.

Tony Laithwaite

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