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Enjoy the success of the Laithwaite family vineyard … its 79-Golds wine at a ‘partners-only’ price

My vineyard partners, I call them my Confrères, are a special group of customers who support the Laithwaite family Vineyard. In return I share with them the château, all its successes and its exceptional wine … always at a supporters-only price. By reserving a case of the award-winning Bordeaux, Château La Clarière, you become part of our winemaking community … and share the life and the vineyards that lie at our very core.

The normal list price of Château La Clarière is £25 a bottle, that is £150 for a six-bottle case. But when you sign up for a case and become a Confrère, you will only pay £48 to reserve the six bottles and £48 when they’re delivered (total £96). That is a saving of £54 on the normal list price. A massive saving … not just once, but every year. It is entirely up to you whether you take cases of subsequent vintages, but it seems like virtually every Confrère does.

And if you prefer, you can opt for a 12-bottle case for £96 to reserve the wine and £96 on delivery, saving yourself £108 on the normal list price. Delivery each year is in May.

Join those ‘in the know’…

or call us on 03330 148 200.

Become a Confrère NOW

A great run of vintages and the best wines we’ve ever made – no wonder we’ve won over 79 Golds and Trophies too

Reserve an annual 6- or 12-bottle case now, always at a special Confrère price

Since 1985, the Confrères have supported the development of what I insist has become their vineyard - a remarkable one - simply by putting their name down for a 6- or 12-bottle case, in wood, of the next vintage. It is so important to us. It allows us to keep on investing and improving and is the reason Decanter described us as “the leading estate in the Côtes de Castillon”. We’ve achieved a lot in 40 years, but we want to be even better. With your support, we can.

Since 2014, we’ve been blessed with a great run of vintages and the wines have been clocking up lots of Golds – 79 in total and resulted in me being awarded Chevalier de Mérite Agricole. My Confrères share all this – its successes and, most importantly, the fabulous, rich wine.

The latest-release 2019 is already drinking well – it’s difficult to resist – with ripe plum, strawberry and cassis, notes of pepper spice, tobacco and vanilla from the new oak. It’s a joy for early drinking and will age magnificently too.

Come and see for yourself – once it’s safe again to travel

Many Confrères also visit the château … you can even stay there, the whole place to yourself. I really do want to share with my Confrères not just a superb wine at an unbelievable price, but to invite them to the wonderful place it comes from.

Our house is a mile or so away from the château. I walk there through the lower vineyards. I cross the road and call in at the chai - the immaculate winery - if there’s some work going on. I walk on through the courtyard into the new barrel hall. Those immaculately lined-up rows of new barrels - the smell alone is worth the visit. At some point I will usually tackle the hill, up behind the château, climbing through the three terraces and the ‘Bois Jolie’ to the great top vineyard and its views along the Dordogne Valley to the tower of Saint-Émilion. It is glorious up there. Vineyards everywhere, churches, little farms and great châteaux.

I thought it was paradise 50+ years ago. I still do.

The rights of a Confrère …

  • Save over £100 every year on each 12-bottle case of the new vintage of Château La Clarière or over £50 on the six-bottle case
  • An open invitation to visit your château - meet the winemakers, taste the latest vintages from the barrel … if you're feeling energetic, you can help harvest if you wish!
  • Your name on the Honour Roll at Château La Clarière
  • VIP treatment at our larger national events
  • Opportunities to visit other châteaux and meet English sparkling-wine makers in the Thames Valley

To get started simply reserve your case today

Reserve either a six or 12-bottle case of Château La Clarière below and become a Confrère. We’ll send you a welcome pack in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll also arrange for your name to go on the château’s honour roll and of course you are welcome to visit anytime.

Please note: By taking up this offer, you authorise us to deduct the price of your future La Clarière Confrère orders from the credit/debit card you used to pay for this case. Each year you will receive a notification when your latest release is ready to ship as well as confirmation of the price. You can simply let us know then if you wish to skip it or cancel. If you’d prefer to order by phone, please call us on 03330 142 776.

Reserve a 6- or 12-bottle case and become a Confrère:

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